Saturday, 31 August 2013

15 Things to do to make your partner to always love you

15 Things To Do To Make Your Partner Fall In Love With You Like Never…

1 Sacrifice:Every now and then, it's nice to show your girl that you put her first, and she is sure to return this sentiment. For example, if she desperately wants you to see a movie with her but you were planning on having a quiet night in, let her know that you're willing to do that for her.

2 Let Loose:
You don't have to be Mr. Serious all the time! Girls love a guy who they can also relax around and laugh with. So be a little silly from time to time and watch her join in on the clowning around.

3 Show Faith:
Women want to feel secure with their man, and once this trust and your faithfulness has been assured, your relationship with one another will reach new heights.

4 Chill Pill:
Don't sweat the small stuff! Show her that you have a cool demeanor when dealing with problems and she'll know that she can always rely on you!

5 Shining Armor:
One of the most attractive qualities to any woman is when a man shows he's a true gentleman. Prove to her that chivalry is not dead by opening the door for her or pulling her seat out for her when you dine out.

6 Meet the Parents:
Introducing your girl to your parents shows her not only that you're pretty serious about her, but also that you're proud of her. It also gives her a good indication of how you get along with your family, a quality that most women find very appealing.

7 The Boys:
Like with any relationship, absence makes the heart grow fonder! While spending time with your girl is great for your relationship, so too is spending a little time apart just to remind yourselves how much you love being together. So why not hang out with the guys every once in a while?

8 Advice Time:
While you may not need (or want) your girl's advice all the time, sometimes it's nice to consult her to make her feel appreciated and wanted. Even if it's just about a small matter, girls love helping their loved ones out.

9 Mr. Mature:
Display your maturity to your girl by showing her how serious you are with your career, or how well you handle your finances. Women love a confident and clever man.

10 Nice & Clean:
One of the biggest romance killers is when a partner is messy or just plain lazy when it comes to picking up after themselves. So next time you think about leaving your wet towel on the floor, don't! Every woman loves a man who tries to be neat!

11 Leave Messages:
When you've had a great night or day out with her, why not let her know? Send a quick text or go that extra step and call her. This allows your relationship to blossom into love through a shared appreciation of the time you spend together.

12 Eyes Have It:When you're talking to your girl, she'll notice how much eye contact you give her, especially as limited contact is a sign that you're bored or uninterested. So maintain that eye contact and she'll love staring into your eyes!

13 Play Doctor:
When your girl's not feeling her best, show her you care by looking after her or simply sending a 'Get Well Soon' note. This will reinforce to her that you can also look after her in times of need.

14 Plenty of Compliments:Women put a lot of energy into looking good each day, so pay her compliments often to let her know that you notice her effort. Keep it sincere and she'll love you for it!

15 All Ears:
Women love good listeners, so provide a listening ear for your girl so she can rant, explain, or muse and she'll be super grateful! Remember not to rush her or give unhelpful advice though.

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