Saturday, 31 August 2013

5 Reasons young Ladies prefer Engaged men

See Five Explanations Why Ladies Prefer Dating Married Men
We all know these stereotypes are popular, the truth is that the other woman may have a variety of agendas fueling her behavior.

Depending on her age, social class and marital status, she might be carousing with another woman's man for several reasons other than love. Below are the top five.

ONE She believes all men are dogs.

You'd think that a woman who thinks so lowly of all men wouldn't wind up in a dirty affair. However, this idea is wrong. Because she thinks all men are dogs, she expects very little from them - including faithfulness. So it seems natural to her that a married man would cheat since that's what all men do anyway. If you ask her about the wife, nine times out of ten she'll tell you about the number of times she's been cheated on by a man. It's her justification for her actions.

TWO She doesn't think it's hurting anyone.
Have you ever heard the saying 'what you don't know won't hurt you?' This is a statement that some females who play the role of the other woman live by. They feel that as long as nobody knows (especially the wife) what they're doing, it's okay. As a result, this woman will never stop seeing the married man until things blow up.

THREE She loves the money.
Some women barter sex for money. This exchange is as old as the bible. As a result, if a man has a lot of cash that he's willing to spend on her, the other woman will go for it without any regret. It's not that she want's to hurt anyone or even be the other woman, she just needs help paying her bills.

FOUR The sex is hot.
Just like a lot of men, many women crave sex. As a result, when some women meet a man that they have an undeniable sexual attraction to, they rush forward and pounce. Although it's not always admitted to, this is one reason why some women just can't let a married man go. They love the sex and, as a result, refuse to end the relationship.

FIVE She needs to feel powerful.
This point is where I believe Monica Lewinsky falls. Sleeping with the President of the United States probably lifted her self-esteem and made her feel powerful. It's a trap women fall into who like to sleep with high-profile men. They get their energy and life from an accomplished man instead of finding other ways to build themselves up. In conclusion, the other woman might just be holding onto a married man for reasons outside of love. She has her own agenda and unless it's upset in some type of way, she will never let go.

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