Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"I F***ked Nicki Minaj & got pics-Rapper Gucci Mane goes on twitter

Nicki Minaj used to be so close to Gucci Mane...today he just decided to put her on blast alongside other rappers..She denied his claims..said its coz he's angry she and Tyga didn't feature on his track..He said he had a threesome with Keysha cole, slept with Rapper, Tyga's current girlfriend and had sex with Nicki alongside rapper Waka Flocka, had sex with Fantasia,Kelly Roland,Monica, Ciara and wants to have sex with TI's wife Tiny..
Also wants to take Rihanna to the BET Awards..LOL
Believe him?
The guy is crazy, i had a hard time understanding his English....Lol
Crazy tweets below

Nicki munched her BB chat with Tyga showing they refused to work with Gucci below

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