Wednesday, 25 September 2013

PHOTOS: “I Love My Br**Sts And My Fresh Hot Legs” – Nollywood Actress Says

Upcoming Nollywood actress Asibor Kenneth a.k.a Vanilla  talks about her most loved body parts and why.

Her best body part:
The best part of my body is my skin, my fresh hot legs, my b**bs but mostly my face.
Why she likes them:
I love my skin because it so soft, fair and beautiful, I love my legs because they are spotless and my face because it catches men fancy.

How she copes with male attention:
It is normal in our country Nigeria for men to walk up to ladies even though they don’t like her, most of them do it for the fun of it . I enjoy it when men approach me, but has a lady you should know how to respect yourself thou I have many male friends.
Why she wants to be an actress:
I chose it because I love it so much with a passion. It has always been my dream, and I  have what it takes to be a good role model as an actress

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