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Signs Of Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship - Top 7 Signs

Signs of cheating are numerous in a relationship. But when it comes to a long distance relationship, it can be tricky identifying these cheating signs. This is due to lack of closeness and intimacy caused by long distance. Cheating in a long distance relationship is mostly caused by lack of intimacy and loneliness. Because of lack of closeness you cannot monitor your lover, making it difficult for you to spot cheating in your long distance love. However there are signs of cheating in a long distance relationship you can lookout for. Here are some signs your partner is cheating if you are loving from a distance.

Inconsistency In Communication
As long distance lovers, you and your loved one should have a communication pattern that works for you. Time for phone calls, text messaging, time to chat on Facebook and other instant messaging platforms. If your partner suddenly start becoming inconsistent and unavailable at these periods, it can mean that they are cheating on you. This looks almost certain if they become defensive whenever you talk to them about their unavailability and inconsistency. This is also one of the signs they are loosing interest in you.

Unnecessarily Picking Arguments And Fights
If your partner starts arguing and picking fights at any opportunity they get it indicates cheating. They know that if you argue and fight often it will be difficult for both of you to discuss anything meaningful. Giving them a reason to cheat on you. Fighting and argument are signs of cheating exhibited by a cheating spouse that makes them feel like victims. It makes them feel it is a good enough reason to cheat.

Suddenly Becomes Secretive
If your long distance relationship partner changes their passwords which you share, it means that they are hiding something from you. Especially if they do it without informing you before or after effecting the change. Changing their email, Facebook and other passwords is one of the signs of cheating you must seriously lookout for. If your partner is not willing to show you on Facebook and other social networking sites as there partner, they may likely be cheating on you.

Always Having Excuses Not To Spend Time With You
One of the top signs of cheating in a relationship is avoidance. Long distance relationship partners explore every little opportunity they get to spend time together. Leave from work, public holidays, Christmas and new year all present such opportunities. However when your lover start giving you excuses not to spend time together during these periods it indicates that they cheating. In most cases, these excuses are flimsy. Someone close may have stolen their heart.

Stops Calling You Nicknames
Most lovers in a healthy relationship calls their partner by a nickname. These nicknames makes you feel you have something more than friend. Making you feel closer emotionally to each other. If your long distance lover stop using these nicknames when speaking with you on phone or anywhere, it points to cheating. This is one of the signs of cheating that shows they don’t want their cheating partner to know they have someone else in their life. Portraying you as a friend to them.

Giving You Less Or More Attention
If your long distance lover start giving you less attention than usual you definitely will start suspecting infidelity. Which may or may not be true. However if they start showing you more attention than normal, you may mistake it for expression of love rather than a sign of cheating.  Showering you with gifts and attention is a way of compensating for cheating on you. To appease the guilt they feel within them. It becomes one of the signs of cheating in a long distance relationship especially if you know they are not financially comfortable enough to buy such gifts often.

No Talk About The Future
One of the ways long distance lovers keep their relationship hope alive is talking about the future together. One of the biggest signs of cheating in a long distance relationship is lack of interest in living together in future. If you and your partner are not making future plans together then something is wrong in your relationship.

There are many other signs of cheating in a long distance relationship. If you notice any of these signs your lover is cheating above, take it calmly and maturely. Don’t allow your emotions and fears get the best out of you. Critically examine the behaviour of your partner to know if they cheating on you or not. This will help you reach a conclusion whether to breakup the relationship or not.

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