Thursday, 29 August 2013

While you're waiting for Mr. Right...

When Emma met Sonia months ago, she was his ideal woman for a wife. Things had begun to play out well immediately for the couple until lately when the guy had reason to doubt her sense of judgement. They had agreed to marry at the close of the year. And that was just a few months away.
    Worried, Emma had confided in another female friend. He had complained bitterly how despite Sonia's advancement to show for the long years of hard work. She had been working on a good job for close to 10 years.

   Besides her salary to which  Emma's stood as a dwarf, she has benefits of mouthwatering allowances as well. So, it baffled him that she had neither property nor investment. In fact, he was alarmed at her response when he queried her on the matter. She  didn't see why she should go investing or buying properties when her man would have done that before he comes.

    Well, Emma wasn't that lucky. He practically struggled to put himself through school. And for years, he was unemployed. Luckily, he got this job with a financial institution two years ago. And then he met Sonia and both had taken a liking for the other. The question that haunts him was why she could not make good use of the money she made? And whether she would ever be prudent with money; especially as she earns much more than he does?

   Being single presents some unique financial planning challenges. Whether you are single by choice, or as a result of a recent breakup or divorce, there are few things you need to keep in mind when managing money just for yourself. Since you are the only one earning income and still has bills to pay, you need to be sure you are making the most out of what you have since you don't have someone to fall back on.

Create a Budget

Budgeting is essential for anyone regardless of their situation, but it's even more important when you're single.
Every penny you make should be accounted for, and you need to have a clear understanding where the money is going and how you can allocate money to fund your financial goals. if you get into a situation where money is going out instead of coming in, it is upto you to adjust your budget accordingly.
    So, start by creating a budget. It should be as detailed as possible without being overwhelming. Some people find it helpful to track every single penny while others find it sufficient to track things in terms of general spending categories. Do what best works for you, because if you find it's too much to work to maintain your budget, you'll just stop using it and that won't be of any help.
   The bottom line is: make money, save money and invest it wisely. So when your knight in shining armour does appear a, he would be grateful.

Get  a Degree

If you have not already done so, go get a degree. Not only will it improve your chances in the labour market, it will definitely improve your view of life and people you meet.
If you already have a degree, you can improve on what you already have by studying further.
     There is nothing wrong having Maters when still single. A friend confided how her family prevented her from getting masters until she had married. Well, 10 years down the line, she was still single. And then she regretted her obedience. The thinking that a young woman should marry before studying further does not help at all.
  What if the man doesn't come as expected? Every other thing should be kept hanging?

   Get to know yourself better

    What are your strengths and weaknesses? By knowing yourself in out, good and bad, you can easily discern a man that can compliment (not not complete) you and vice versa. You can tell what you need in a mate and what you can live without.
    If you are a talkative or the life of a perty, you don't need someone who will compete with you and let you know when you are going too date. If you are quick tempered, you need someone who is levelheaded. If you are good at planning, you can compliment someone who sees the big picture only.

Keep a journal

  If you already do, that is good. The more you journal, the more insightful you will become.With a journal, you can gauge how far you have come.It will help you track your development through the years. You may also be able to draw a lesson or two from your past failings.
   Avoid people and places that make you feel unworthy or uncomfortable.
Enough said. If you can't avoid them, learn to cope with them. But, don't willingly agree to a situation where you will be the third wheel.
Don't spend time with people who constantly setting you up on dates, trying to 'fix' you singleness. Use common sense.
While it is okay for well meaning friends and family to try to get coupled, don't let it become out of place. If you are not comfortable with it, then say  so.

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