Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Microphone BOMB Kills Governor, 11 Others In Afghanistan

What i don't understand is " why are muslims bombing each other". An Afghan provincial governor and 11 other worshipers were Tuesday morning killed in Logar, near Kabul capital by a bomb which was hidden in a microphone.

AFP reports the governor, Arsala Jamal, was said to have been killed by the bomb while he was delivering a speech after Eid prayers.

“This morning, governor Arsala Jamal was delivering a speech after Eid prayers when he was killed by a bomb planted in the microphone,” Logar provincial governor spokesman Din Mohammad Darwish told AFP.

The report said that 11 others were also killed, while eight other people were wounded.
Angry and grieving worshipers were reported crying out loud against those who carried out the attack, shouting, “God take revenge on those who are evil!”

Source: Thisday

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