Tuesday, 22 October 2013

[Photo & Video]Kanye West Opens His Yeezus Tour With Jesus Impersonator

Kanye West opened up the tour behind his intense six LP in Seattle, Washington on Saturday (Oct. 19). Following a 40-minute set from Kendrick Lamar, West kicked things off by letting those in attendance know they were in his church.

A phalanx of 12 masked, white-robed female disciples walked on stage as angelic chants echoed through Seattle’s Key Arena. During the rest of the show Yeezus would perform “Power” from a mountaintop, bring his “Black Skinhead” music video to life, and make it snow during his performance of “Coldest Winter.” Yeezus also talked to Jesus. “White Jesus, is that you?” Kanye West asked His Holiness before breaking into “Jesus Walks.” West would eventually bow down to Jesus on the mountaintop erected in the middle of the arena.

The night would also mark the live debut of Yeezus tracks “Hold My Liquor,” “Guilt Trip,” “I’m In It” and “Street Lights,” the latter off his 808s & Heartbreaks. Altogether West performed some 27-songs over the course of two hours. If you don’t have a ticket for Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, you will want to buy one after catching a preview of the visual spectacle that each night will bring. Check out video footage from opening night of West’s Yeezus tour below.

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