Monday, 21 October 2013

Rihanna Asked To Leave Abu Dhabi Mosque For Taking 'Inappropriate' Pictures

Bad girl Rihanna, known for wearing the provocative outfits, during the weekend shared some photos of herself at a mosque in Abu Dhabi.
And in the pictures, she was dressed in a headscarf, black jumpsuit, bright red lipstick and large gold accessories.

But today it emerged that after taking the pictures, Rihanna was ordered to leave the mosque for posing in an "inappropriate" photoshoot in the mosque, without permission.

The mosque, which is the largest in the United Arab Emirates  and can hold more than 40,000 people, released a statement on its website.

The statement said that 'the singer did not make arrangements with the mosque's management prior to her visit and had used an entrance that is not intended for visitors...'

They added that the singer stayed outside the mosque and was asked to leave 'once it became apparent that some of the photographs she took were not in compliance with the terms of the mosque.

'In the event of behaviour that violates the moral codes of access to the mosque, or other visit regulations – such as taking inappropriate pictures, posing in ways that are improper in the context of sacred place, talking loudly, or eating – the violators are directed in a polite manner that reflects the civilisational and tolerant attributes of Islam,'the statement read.

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