Tuesday, 15 October 2013

SK Johnson Writes: If Beverly Osu Wants To Start A Church, Why Shouldn’t She?

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The weeks that have followed the last Big Brother Africa reality show have gone on just about exactly as predicted. Beverly Osu, despite all the drama and condemnation she supposedly received while in the house, has become something of a celebrity, and everything she says (almost, anyway) becomes a headline. The most recent of her soundbites to do that is a comment she made in a recent interview.

It affected me in a very spiritual way. In as much as I know worldly things, I still fear God and have faith in Him.  The reason why I wanted to become a nun was because I was raised in a Catholic home.  I just felt it was the best thing for me to do at that time. I used to see myself as a messenger of God.  Even though I did not become a nun, I still remain faithful to God. Part of my dreams is to establish a church and do a lot of charity work.
The above quote comes from Beverly herself, on her past experiences in a convent.
Understandably – or at least, predictably, – the good members of the Nigerian public are furious, with accusations thrown against her generally falling somewhere between “she’s just saying this for attention” and “she is unworthy to even enter a church.”
On the one hand, Beverly really has put so much of herself out there that it will take a while before anything she says or does is viewed in any context besides that. She’s confessed to abortions and having sex for money and a host of other things that would make any conservative person do anything from blush to explode in shock, and while chances are there are tons of people walking the streets with similar stories, they don’t all have to deal with millions of people being privy to those details.
On the other hand, shouldn’t that be the exact reason people should want to see Beverly go in the path of The Lord? The main criticism people have thrown at her thus far is that her ways are “immoral” and “unreligious” and things of the sort, so it stands to reason that her desires to start a church should be a thing of joy. What better way, and I’m being completely serious here, for the ‘glory of God’ to be shown than in the reclamation of a soul as terrible as Beverly’s (according to her detractors, anyway) for the work of the lord?
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