Tuesday, 22 October 2013

U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!! 33 Year Old Fanatic Has $100k Of Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Beiber | PHOTO

A 33-year-old man has spent five years and $100,000 in an effort to look like his hero – teenaged pop idol Justin Bieber. 

Toby Sheldon is a songwriter from Los Angeles who has used Bieber's youthful features as the inspiration for numerous 
surgeries, including face fillers, a chin reduction and eyelid surgery. 

He took a picture of Bieber to his plastic surgeon to demonstrate exactly how he wanted his hair to look. 'It took three transplants and a total of $21,000 to accurately lower my hair line, close off 
my temples and grow back my bangs,' he says. Although Sheldon's similarity to his teen idol isn't immediately obvious even after spending $100,000 worth of surgical procedures, he says he does get mistaken for Bieber 

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