Thursday, 22 August 2013

Truths you don't tell your partner

The foundation of any strong relationship is honesty. Generally too, it is often said that honesty is the best policy. But does that mean that you should go
blurting out everything in your "intestine" in an attempt to be honest? Definitely, the answer should be no and no again.

  Unquestionably, you should be sincere in your dealings with your partner. But sincerity also means being fair to the one you love. Some so-called truths can hurt  unecessarily. And that is why your partner should trust that the details you are omitting are for his own good.

    Before you go ruining a good  thing with the 'truth," here are some secrets you better keep from him. Sometimes though when he asks certain questions, it may be in his best interest and that of your relationship to approach your answer with a level of caution.


How many men you have slept with?

For instance, your partner may want to know how many men you have dated or slept with before he met you. Is that neccessary? For starters, it is only a 'Dundee' man that would ask question. Suppose you have slept with 200 men, should you go on with such hard fact? How will such truth affect the relationship you and your partner have struggled to build? At the end of the day, has such truth helped your partner in anyway?

    The truth is that is that most times, the man asking such question has not given a thought to how to how he would react following the revelation that he seeks. So, often he is thrown off balance by the time the list keeps going on and on. And by the time you are explaining how that used to be in your past and how green your new leaf is, he would not be listening. His mind would have gone far and his heart out of your reach.

   You probably thought that telling him the truth would bring the two of you closer, but alas, that wasn't what you got.
Now, he is probably thinking what a bitch you are and wondering where on earth he met you.

By now, he has forgotten all the nice things he has made you believe; how his world cannot be complete without you. He has suddenly realized how miserable you have made his life. And his next agenda would be how to get out of the way. It does not matter how long it takes him to do it, he will definitely find an excuse with which to throw you off his wagon.

Who de-flowered you?

For reasons best known to him, a man want to know who was the first man to have sex with you. It may seem an innocent question to most girls who have led a chaste life. Maybe you have told him how you wanted to keep it till marriage and now he wants to know who it was that made you break that vow.

     And the tendency would be to answer truthfully. He would not be content with just the name. He would want you to tell him the details and possibly where the man currently resides and if you still maintain contact with him.

 By the time you realize it, you would  have talked too much. And the unfortunate thing is that the thing is that the information you freely gave can very easily be used against you when you least expect.

    Second, your partner may become protective of you; restricting your every movement to be sure that you never get to catch up with your ex. And some of them will remind you that old wines are sweeter. They may fear that if you get a chance, you would go back to your ex given the fact that he was the first man you knew. But is such fear well found? 

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